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ODYSSEY BOX Curly Hair Products


meet our founder

Hello, my name is Chloé and I am the founder of ODYSSEY BOX. Your friendly online hair shop and your destination for plant-powered, natural hair products from Black-owned hair care brands.

what is odyssey box?

od·​ys·​sey | \ ˈä-də-sē \

1. a long journey involving a lot of different exciting chapters.

2. your natural hair adventure.

We offer a subscription box service which is your opportunity to try 4-6 products for curly, kinky and coily hair types, every other month at an exclusive discount.

It’s also our opportunity to run a month long campaign to increase brand awareness for our fellow Black-owned businesses.

our journey

It’s certainly not easy to offer discounts that are beneficial to everyone involved, but it is important to us that brands are fairly compensated for their hard work, that we can continue to support and promote our community and that you can benefit from positive hair care experiences with us.

Despite the challenges that comes with offering the subscription box in this way, we have been able to build a wonderfully supportive community, offer no-commitment wash day sets so you can be part of our natural hair adventure without having to subscribe, as well as increasing our offering for individual products too.

our mission

It’s our mission not just to provide you with the tools you need to care for your hair, but the knowledge too. So, we educate through our Learning Zone blog, newsletters, and social media tutorials and guides.

It is important to us that the support of Black-owned brands becomes embedded in our community purchasing habits. We connect by introducing you to new Black owned brands and by building relationships with Black business owners. 

We also empower by working to transform mindsets around natural hair care and promote positive and effective hair care experiences. So, we can work together to unlearn the negative perceptions many of us have held since childhood.

We are working hard so that your natural hair journey can continue to be an adventure with us. We offer you more tailored hair care advice so your routine can be as unique to you as your hair.

We also want to have a positive impact on our wider community through charitable donations and would love for you to be a part of it.

Everything we do will be shared in our newsletter. So, be sure to sign up at the bottom to be part of our natural hair adventure!

Best wishes,

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