Our Ingredients

Each and every natural hair journey, or curly hair is unique, and their come with their challenges and their triumphs. It is our mission to help you indulge in your hair care regardless of where you are in your journey.

Naturally curly and afro hair types are more fragile and more susceptible to dryness than other hair types. This means that many of us will hunt high and low to find products that will perform well for us.

People with naturally curly and afro hair – particularly Black women in the UK, are known to spend up to 6 times more on their hair care. This has made the natural hair market a very lucrative and a very saturated one.

We know that, and so we cut through the noise and hand-select products that we can trust by prioritising high-performing plant-powered products. We hand-select them and use them ourselves so that we can better support you.

These products are sourced from Black-owned brands that have an invested interest in serving our community for the long haul. They are committed to providing hair care solutions for problems they have faced themselves.

This list is not exhaustive but we avoid the following ingredients in our product selections:

  • SLS (sulphates)
  • silicones
  • parabens
  • mineral oils
  • parabens
  • isopropyl alcohol
Instead, we make our product selections in favour of high-performing, cruelty-free, botanical actives. So that you can feel confident in your hair care.