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Curl Crush Flaxseed & Marshmallow Gel

Curl Crush Flaxseed & Marshmallow Gel

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Fall in love with your curls in all their glory with this Curl Crush Gel

Define and style with ease

  • made of just 11 plant-based ingredients! So, you can pile it on, guilt-free
  • can be used as a one-product styler for quicker styling sessions
  • popular among parents and for the whole family
  • formulated without glycerin or protein so it pairs well with other products

This gel comes in a 250ml tub. Use within 12 months of opening.

Flaxseed - contains omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin B and vitamin E which help to promote healthy hair growth

Marshmallow Root - provides slip, improves manageability and enhances shine

Hibiscus Flower - promotes healthy hair growth as it's rich in amino acids necessary for producing keratin

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Product Description


This Curl Crush Gel is loved for its ability to define, enhance shine and improve softness without any flakes. If you like to create new styles for yourself or for a little one, this is the multipurpose gel for you.

Recommended for styling twist-outs, braid-outs, and wash and gos. For sealing ends and for slicked-back styles.


Apply to wet or damp hair for styling. May be re-activated with a light mist of water.


De-ionised water, flaxseed extract, marshmallow root extract, coco caprylate, polyquaternium-7, sodium hydroxide, dehydroacetic acid & benzyl alcohol (ecocert preservative system, not a drying alcohol), fragrance, carbomer, hibiscus flower extract, beetroot extract

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Csaba Mátéfalvy


Stanley LIPSON
Curl Crush Flaxseed & Marshmallow Gel?

One of the best things happening in my life. I never want to go back to my old pruducts that don't fit my hair. I'm so happy and discover how my hair truly looks like. And how they should have always been. Thank you Odyssey Box

"Excellent small business. I was so impressed with the packaging and the level of care. Genuine company where I will definitely be buying from again."


Turn wash day into wash hour.



This lays the foundation for any good hairstyle! It’s the most important part of caring for your hair.

You want to cleanse your hair and scalp weekly using a shampoo such as the Color Awakening Hairbath.


Now your hair is clean, you want to follow up with a conditioner like this one.

You’re going to use it with plenty of water to detangle and remove shed hair – first with your fingers, them with a detangling brush.

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Now it’s time to style how you are most comfortable. For wash and gos, you will want a botanical gel, for twist outs you will want a cream or a foam.

Once you have styled, you can dry your hair with a diffuser or a hood dryer.

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