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I Create Hold
Valerie Humphrey

If you struggle with your curls holding its shape then look no further, this product is STRONG HOLD! FORGET about eco styler, this is the best!

Love it !!!!!

I use this product all the time and I love it. It really helps.


Where has this product been hiding?! My curls have NEVER been so defined, long lasting AND NOT hard or crunchy. It doesn't flake or leave a residue.
My hair is actually bouncy and I love it!!

I Create Hold
Best product

This is the best product I’ve bought for my 3a/3b curls. Kept the curls together all week without me having to replenish them!

Indulge with Innersense Box
Donna Letremy

I am allergic to parfum so these products are perfect, they still smell amazing and my hair is in so much better condition since using them. Customer service is also amazing

Ahavah Buttercreme
Paula, Leeds
Buttercreme for fine hair strands

Hi Chloe

Thank you for all your very helpful advice. As suggested, I have tried the Ahavah buttercreme and found it works well (together with the Shea Decadence hair milk and Bourn Beautiful Leave Me Be Leave-in) as it doesn't weigh down my thinning, fine hair strands. My hair is better moisturised and easier to manage.

Protect & Nourish Box
Good quality products

A nice selection of good quality products. All the ingredients are excellent so no biological harm to us. Products are available at the Primal Beauty website and Amazon. Being a subscriber meant that I received a discount of approx. £10 compared to buying the products retail. So all good. I’ll definitely repurchase the leave in conditioner, detangling spray and serum again. They were lovely. Great subscription box. I’ve been introduced to so many fabulous Black owned brands. Seriously no need to buy the big household names that have been causing us harm for generations. These independent brands actually care about the health of the many forms of curly, kinky and textured hair. And I love having healthy hair.

Lovely product

So, I don’t think this product is the best for my hair. However, it is a really lovely product and so I’m not going to mark it down just because it doesn’t suit me. The packaging is very pretty. It feels lovely and luxurious. The shampoo is quite thick. Smells lovely. It made my hair very soft but perhaps a little too soft for what I needed as I also got some frizz and I didn’t get the longevity from my wash & go that I normally would from other products. That said if your issue is coarse, straw-like hair, I would hazard a guess that this would be good for you :)

Indulge with Innersense Box
Natassja Jenson-Boon
Fantastic product

This was recommended by the lovely Chloé based on my hair type, and is absolutely fantastic! The shampoo makes my hair feel clean without drying and the conditioner is so luxurious without needing loads of it. I’ve only used the i create volume once or twice, but it feels like a great product and definitely helps my waves and curls feel more defined. The whole Odyssey box was great and I’ve done nothing but recommend to curly haired friends and family!

Perfect for coarse, dry, frizzy hair!

OK, so the packaging is nasty! I mean it looks cheap, the design looks like it was done by a 5 year old with crayons and there are typos on the label! I didn't hold out much hope for this product and delayed opening it in favour of the Flora & Curl I'd purchased at the same time. When I opened the bottle, the lack of expectation didn't diminish as the product was thin and runny. HOWEVER (!) my curly friends, if you have dry, coarse, coloured and/or frizzy hair like mine then you're just going to have to look past all of this because when I used this shampoo I was astounded! Not only did the product make my curls super soft and silky but it also gave definition that I simply haven't had from any other shampoo. I've tried lots of different brands, and different combinations including the 2 big names in curl care. Seemingly, this tops them all. I combined it with my regular conditioner, masque, curl cream and gel and honestly I couldn't believe the difference in the results. My wash lasted a week with a bit of a refresh mid-week (water, a tiny dot more gel and prayer hands only!), where it usually only lasts 3 days. Enough said! Give it a go. I'll be ordering the other products in the range to try them soon too! Thank you Bourn Beautiful and Odyssey Box! x

Curly Celebration Box
Serayna eldridge Eldridge
Just amazing

Totally loved the service and I’m going to get my next box now. Xxx

Curl Quench Box with Curl Flo
Carol Edmunds
First time trying Odyssey box

Loved all the products. The shampoo and conditioner were really luxurious. The after products left my hair moisturised and soft and I did not have to use too much. Will definitely be continuing with odyssey box and look forward to new products I wouldn’t normally come across.

Curly Celebration Box
Loved my box

I was so glad I was able to choose my own products this time, it was like a pic and mix option, being able to try different brands in one box has been a great curly celebration,
very happy also with the quick turn around from Odyssey box (chloe)
And Yes to shea decadence and heavens touch brands.

Satin Bonnet with Straps
Rosemary Ball
Excellent service

Speedy and efficient
Excellent quality too

Curly Celebration Box
Celebration box

I was able to choose the products I would like to have so I went with some favourites and tried some new brands all the while knowing that Odyssey hand picks the brands for their good ingredients.

Revive Hair Dew
Dianne Addison
Great refresher to enhance curls

Great to de- frizz & bring curls back. Smells lovely to. Would help if nozzle would spray a mist rather than a direct squirt of liquid.

Satin Bonnet with Straps
Tamara John
Worth the money!

Bought two and I absolutely love them! Doesn't fall off overnight and there is no snagging. Highly recommended

Satin Scrunchies
Good quality

These hair scrunchies are really good quality, they protect my hair well and hold my hair well.

Herbal Hair Growth Tea
Smells good

I received my order from Odyssey box really quickly. I took 3-4 spoons and boiled, leaving tea rinse to sit over night before using. I can tell you my hair felt good using it to rinse as my final rinse, its still early days but so far really good, my hair was left manageable to continue styling

Growth Goals Box with Shea Decadence
Vic O
Love this!

Really great products that I make my hair feel noticeably softer and more moisturised. These products were really relevant to me as I don't often use curling creams etc but these moisture focused products I can use every day.

Best conditioner for my hair

Great product makes my hair soft and easy to detangle and smells

AyurCleanse Conditioning Shampoo
Keisha Hay
Goodbye Dry Hair

My hair was breaking and I needed a shampoo that would add moisture. After the first use my hair is thicker and mousturised.

Satin Bonnet with Straps
Kehinde Oyebola
Lovely Bonnet !

My order came really quickly !

In terms of the bonnet, it is so silky and smooth. My hair does not get snagged in it (like when wearing other bonnets).

It leaves my hair moisturised longer.

However, I wish it was not elasticated, I think it may be too tight on the hairline.

Overall: any essential for any natural to be honest !

Bi-Monthly Subscription Box
Remyhs Baker
Hair care saviour

I enjoy receiving the bi monthly boxes. The fact they are not monthly is great as it allows me time to use the products. I have enjoyed experimenting and finding new products which is why I subscribed in the first place. Each box has been centred around a particular brand shining light on black owned businesses. Chloe has such wonderful customer service. Even though this has been a hard financial year I haven’t wanted to let go of the box as it just gives me such joy and I am now starting to enjoy washing and caring for my hair. Thank you