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Scalp Massager Brush

Scalp Massager Brush

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Take scalp care to the next level with this multipurpose scalp massager brush

Massage, exfoliate, and pamper

This ODYSSEY BOX Scalp Massager Brush has long, flexible bristles to provide therapeutic and effective exfoliation and massage for even the thickest of hair textures. If you have a tight, itchy scalp, need an extra boost for your cleansing sessions, or just enjoy a stimulating scalp massage, this is the accessory for you. 

  • - long, flexible bristles help to lift away dead skin cells
  • - ergonomic design makes it easy to grip even when wet
  • - helps to promote blood circulation in the scalp and soothe irritation
  • - silicone design is more hygienic than hard plastic and easier to clean

For the best results, use when cleansing your hair and scalp, when applying hot oil treatments, or as part of the Scalp Spa Bundle. 

Recommended for

We recommend this scalp massager brush for use while cleansing to lift build up and exfoliate the scalp. Or for using during hot oil treatments to stimulate blood flow.

How to use

Hold to scalp and move in circular motions stimulate blood flow. Suitable for use with oils or cleansers.

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"Excellent small business. I was so impressed with the packaging and the level of care. Genuine company where I will definitely be buying from again."


Turn wash day into wash hour.



This lays the foundation for any good hairstyle! It’s the most important part of caring for your hair.

You want to cleanse your hair and scalp weekly using a shampoo such as the Color Awakening Hairbath.


Now your hair is clean, you want to follow up with a conditioner like this one.

You’re going to use it with plenty of water to detangle and remove shed hair – first with your fingers, them with a detangling brush.

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Now it’s time to style how you are most comfortable. For wash and gos, you will want a botanical gel, for twist outs you will want a cream or a foam.

Once you have styled, you can dry your hair with a diffuser or a hood dryer.

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