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Double-Sided Triangle Satin Headscarf

Double-Sided Triangle Satin Headscarf

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All the fun of a headwrap with none of the faff

Updos made simple

There's no need to fiddle with a lengthy headwrap. You no longer need to fold your headscarves in half either. Why? Well, this one is ready to go!

This Satin Headscarf is a triangle to make creating your favourite updos that bit easier. It is double-sided with jet black on one side and champagne gold on the other so that you can choose the side that suits you best too.

Each headscarf is handmade by Lynette of Handmade it Bespoke it, or HIBI. So, each one has been ethically and purposefully made. It is 95 x 95 x 115 cm.

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Satin helps to prevent moisture loss which can cause your hair to feel dry. This is because satin is much less absorbent than cotton. Additionally, it prevents snagging which also minimises frizz. So, you can rest assured that your curls will be cared for when you tie them up with this headscarf.


When it comes to caring for your satin headscarf, we recommend that you wash it regularly. We advise you to handwash your headscarf with lukewarm to cold water and with a gentle cleanse. Rinse well and do not bleach, wring or twist the fabric. Simply squeeze any excess water and leave it to air dry.


Satin is a vegan alternative to silk. The term "satin" actually describes the weave of the fabric, which is glossy on one side and dull on the other, not the fibres themselves.

This type of weave is great for protecting naturally curly and afro hair because the glossy side allows your hair strands to glide across its surface rather than snagging them! Great for the restless sleeper to protect your hair at night.

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"Excellent small business. I was so impressed with the packaging and the level of care. Genuine company where I will definitely be buying from again."


Turn wash day into wash hour.



This lays the foundation for any good hairstyle! It’s the most important part of caring for your hair.

You want to cleanse your hair and scalp weekly using a shampoo such as the Color Awakening Hairbath.


Now your hair is clean, you want to follow up with a conditioner like this one.

You’re going to use it with plenty of water to detangle and remove shed hair – first with your fingers, them with a detangling brush.

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Now it’s time to style how you are most comfortable. For wash and gos, you will want a botanical gel, for twist outs you will want a cream or a foam.

Once you have styled, you can dry your hair with a diffuser or a hood dryer.

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